Nelly's Treasures I guess began a few years ago after I closed shop on Recycled with Love. I had spent a few years recycling fabrics making fun and kooky dresses and accessories but was really itching to get back to my main love of screen printing.


I'd studied Textile Design at Falmouth College of Arts and had a blast spending all day long either in the dye lab or at the screen printing tables getting my illustrations out of my head and onto fabric. I take great pleasure in the whole process of printing; it's definitely a labour of love waiting patiently for things to dry before being able to lay down more colours.

After I graduated I didn't have anywhere to print, apart from my kitchen which was a nightmare, which is when I started dressmaking and Recycled with Love came about. As that came to a natural conclusion a new printing workshop opened up in Cardiff, not far from where I live. It's been an amazing few years working there and getting to know other local printers and artists. It's now my home from home. 


The PrintHaus has helped me further develop my skills and also lets me share my knowledge with others. There are always great workshops going on which I've been able to tutor. Checkout for more information.


I now also have a studio space at the PrintHaus that I work from. I love that I have the ability to see my work right through the production process to the end product and I think this shines through in the quality of my pieces. Not outsourcing my work also means that I can keep control of the types of inks and fabrics being used and make sure that my strong commitment to sustainability is upheld. 


I love that I'm able to combine all my favourite things into items that I can share with others and I hope you enjoy them too. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or fancy a bespoke item, I always love new challenges!